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There are some situations where the desired scope for an Automate, Analyze, or Collect API call involves a list of objects that cannot be specified by the DatabaseName and TableName or ObjectName input parameters even with the use of wildcard characters (see AddQueryListEntry)

To solve this problem, you can create object lists that are capable of representing one or more database names or fully qualified table names where each name entry may optionally contain wildcard characters that are dynamically resolved at the time of API invocation.

You can use these open APIs to create a named object list that represents any arbitrary set of database or tables. The named object list can be passed to an Automate, Analyzer, or a Collect-related open API.


If you want to ... Use the following SQL interface ...
create a new object list with a user specified name CreateObjectList.
add a database or table name to an existing named object list AddObjectListEntry.
remove a list and the object entries within it RemoveObjectList.
display the database and table objects contained within a specified object list SelectFromObjectList.