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July 2021
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Removes an individual query from a query list.


  IN QueryID       DECIMAL(18,0)

Syntax Elements

Name of the existing query list containing the query to be removed.
This input parameter cannot be NULL.
DBQL-assigned ID of the query.
This input parameter cannot be NULL.

Usage Notes

When you specify an individual query to remove, it must have already been added to an existing query list by a call to the AddQueryListEntry external stored procedure. All other queries in the query list will remain intact.

You can view the query list data in the TDSTATS.QueryList and TDSTATS.QueryListEntry tables and the names of the query lists in the TDSTATS.QueryList.ListName column.

Example: Using RemoveQueryListEntry

The following example shows how to remove an individual query (for example, query 8675309) from the query list named MySlowQueries.

CALL TDSTATS.RemoveQueryListEntry('MySlowQueries',8675309);

Related Information

For more information about the AddQueryListEntry external stored procedure, see AddQueryListEntry.