Moving and Handling Guidelines - Appliance for Hadoop

Appliance for Hadoop 3 and 4 Platforms Product and Site Preparation Guide

Appliance for Hadoop
March 2018
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Following are guidelines to help the customer prepare for system delivery.
  • The size and weight of a system requires that professional movers and riggers deliver the crated units.
  • Make sure that the correct equipment and adequate help is available to move the system to its on-site destination.
  • Avoid exposing the cabinet to extreme temperature and/or humidity changes when moving it from the uncrating area to its on-site destination.
  • Systems are mounted on casters to facilitate moving. They have adjustable glides to facilitate leveling in their final installed positions.
  • The cabinet is weighted toward the front by the equipment. Roll it backwards, pushing from the front of the cabinet, to avoid tipping.
  • Maximum degree of tip allowed on the side of a single rack: 10° off of vertical.
  • If the site requires use of an elevator to move the system into place, verify the load capacity of the elevator.
  • Ensure that the floors along the route to the final installation location can support the weight of the cabinets and do not impede their movement. If necessary, have the customer replace vented tiles with solid tiles.
  • If there are any steeply-angled ramps along the installation route, advise the movers. They may need pulleys.
  • Floor vents are not designed to handle the weight of a cabinet. Make sure that the cabinet can be negotiated around them.
  • Verify that the floor at the site can support the weight of the cabinet. Be especially careful with perforated floor tiles in sites with raised floors.