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Appliance for Hadoop 3 and 4 Platforms Product and Site Preparation Guide

Appliance for Hadoop
March 2018
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The Teradata Appliance for Hadoop 3 and 4 platforms are made up of a combination of cabinet types, depending on the system configuration:
  • Base processing/storage cabinet

    Contains three to eighteen nodes, server management switches, InfiniBand network switches, a System virtualized management server (VMS), power hardware, and a keyboard/video/mouse (KVM) chassis.

  • Expansion processing/storage cabinet

    Contains up to eighteen nodes, server management switches, SAS HPA worker nodes, a Cabinet VMS, and power hardware.

  • InfiniBand cabinet
    • The 108-port InfiniBand switch cabinet contains two 108-port InfiniBand switches for redundancy. The cabinet can also contain one optional System VMS and KVM, and one or two optional TMS servers.
    • The 162-port and 324-port InfiniBand cabinets are paired for redundancy, with one InfiniBand switch per cabinet. The 162-port InfiniBand cabinet can also contain one optional Cabinet or System VMS, one KVM if a System VMS is included, and one to three optional TMS servers.

    AC boxes in the cabinet provide power. Ethernet switches provide server management functionality.

  • Platform Framework Cabinet (PFC)

    The PFC can contain any combination of channel servers, ECS servers, TMS servers, SAS HPA worker nodes, and other switches. The PFC can also be used to support system configurations that require a dedicated Service Workstation server. Other chassis in the cabinet provide power and server management functionality.

    This guide refers generally to the Platform Framework Cabinets that may be part of your system. For more information, see the Teradata Platform Framework Cabinet Model 12 Product and Site Preparation Guide for the PFC cabinet delivered with your system. Teradata product and site preparation documentation can be accessed at: