Regulatory Compliance Disclaimer - Appliance for Hadoop

Appliance for Hadoop 5 Platform Product and Site Preparation Guide

Appliance for Hadoop
February 2018
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The statements of regulatory compliance contained in this document do not apply after the addition or substitution of other equipment or connecting cables by or for the user, or to other modifications to the equipment by or for the user, other than as specified by Teradata. The user is solely responsible for, and assumes all risk and liability related to, such additions, substitutions or other modifications. Without limiting the foregoing, the user is responsible for regulatory compliance and correction of interference related to such additions, substitutions or other modifications.

Connection from the product to an outside network (customer LAN, public LAN, and so on) must be done with a shielded cable (unless optical Ethernet is used). Failure to use a shielded cable may invalidate the regulatory compliance of the product.