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February 2018
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Cooling capacity planning is imperative to ensure Teradata systems perform at the expected reliability and availability levels.

Cooling capacity planning starts with Teradata providing cabinet and system power consumption or heat load estimates of hardware equipment and ends with the customer supplying sufficient cooling capacity to Teradata equipment. The customer is responsible for providing sufficient cooling to Teradata systems to ensure Teradata equipment operates within recommended environmental specifications at all times. See Environmental Requirements.

The Account Team should use the Estimator tools in Service Bulletin 502 (SB 502) to estimate the heat load of a particular Teradata system. Always use the latest version, as the tool is constantly evolving.


The calculated power consumption levels are estimates only. They typically represent the worst sustained power consumption levels. The unsustained power consumption levels can be higher during system power up. The actual power consumption will differ depending on operating temperatures, applications, and so on.

The calculated floor space is also an estimate only. Aisle widths may differ from one data center to another.