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February 2018
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Temperature and humidity levels for Teradata equipment are specified in Environmental Requirements. These environmental specifications are identical to ASHRAE specifications and refer to air conditions at the equipment inlet. The equipment inlet for Teradata equipment is the front of the cabinet. Measurements of air temperature and humidity must be taken at the front of the cabinet.

If using one of the instrument readers recommended under Environmental Measurement Instruments, orient the air flow impellers parallel to the door inlet vents, so that air going into the door opening will pass through the impellers and sensors.

The following drawing shows the positions (bottom, middle, and top) from which temperature and humidity measurements should be taken. To achieve measurement accuracy, place temperature, humidity sensors, and probes close to the vents on the front door of the cabinet, but do not allow the temperature, humidity sensors, or probes to touch any part of the door.

Temperature and Humidity Measurement Locations Outside Cabinet