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Appliance for Hadoop 5 Platform Product and Site Preparation Guide

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February 2018
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The following plug type is for worldwide use. It is used phase-to-phase in locations with traditional North American power and single phase (line-to-neutral) in locations with traditional European power.

  • Appliance for Hadoop 5 Cabinet
Power Type

30A/32A phase-phase or single phase power:

  • Plug is rated at 30A for North America
  • Plug is rated at 32A for Europe
Nameplate Rating a b
  • 24A per cord
  • 200-240V~

Expected Utility Power Sources

(Provided by Site)

  • 230 V wired line-to-neutral (single phase) . With this line-to-neutral source, the power plug connects to line, neutral, and safety ground.
    This utility source is typical in Europe, but is now sometimes found in North America in new, specialized data centers.


  • Wired line-to-line (phase-phase)
    This utility source is typical in North America and Japan.
    • Three-phase Wye with a line-to-neutral voltage typically 120V or 127V and a line-to-line voltage of 200V to 240V.
    • Alternate expected power source (Japan): Delta power source 200V to 240V on each side.
    With either of the last two utility power sources, each of the 3-pin power plugs connect to two of the three lines and also to safety ground. With these sources the power plug does not connect to neutral.

Power Plug and Number of Cords

(Supplied with Product)

IEC 60309 CEE17, pin and sleeve, 30/32A, Blue (250V), 2P3W, with 6-hour keying, IP44 splash-proof plug

(Walther Electric brand is shown below. Actual brand supplied with cabinet may vary.)

Four AC feeder box cords per cabinet, top or bottom egress.

The minimum bend radius limit for the power cord is 12.8 cm (5.0 in.). Do not bend the power cord tighter than this limit.

AC Feeder Box Power Cord Connections to Site Power

(For Redundancy)

The cabinet contains two AC feeder boxes on the left side of the cabinet and two AC feeder boxes on the right side of the cabinet. Each AC feeder box has one power cord (four total). The two power cords on the left side of the cabinet connect to one site power source. The two power cords on the right side of the cabinet connect to the second site power source.

Power Receptacle or Connector


Circuit Breakers

(Provided by Site)

IEC 60309 CEE17, pin and sleeve, 30/32A, Blue (250V), 2P3W with 6-hour keying, IP44 splash-proof connector or receptacle

Example receptacles (similar products are available from other companies):
  • Scame Electrical Solutions SCM330R6S (shown above)
  • Walther Electric 430306

Example connectors for use with cordage (similar products are available from other companies):
  • ABL Sursum K32S20A
  • Scame Electrical Solutions SCM330C6S
  • Walther Electric 330306 (shown above)
  • Walther Electric 331306
Example connector for use with ¾-inch NPT fitting for connection to conduit: c
  • Walther Electric PG21-75 combined with Walther Electric 331306

Customer to supply four receptacles or connectors per cabinet. d

One circuit breaker required for each power cord; use a double-pole breaker for phase to phase implementations and a single-pole breaker for phase to neutral installations. Customer must provide required site circuit breakers.

a Do not use this table to determine power consumption, to estimate current draw, or to estimate heat generation. For these parameters, see Site Environmental Planning. Nameplate ratings are a statement of product certification.

b Frequency rating is 50 or 60 Hz for all products.

c Conduit Adapters do not connect to the ground terminal of the connector. Consult your local code grounding requirements before using adapters.

d Customer can obtain connectors from any source. Connectors are available from Teradata by ordering kit 2021-K900. Two kits are required per processing/storage cabinet.