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Appliance for Hadoop 5 Platform Product and Site Preparation Guide

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February 2018
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The cabinet may come with the front door removed. The front door of the cabinet can be adjusted slightly so that all the corners line up when cabinets are ganged together.
  1. Mount the door to the cabinet using the three drop on hinges.
    1. Lift the door up and align the hinge receptacles with the hinge pins on the cabinet.
    2. Drop the door into place.
    If the door hinges do not align correctly, you might need to loosen the hinges to adjust them.
    The door is heavy and may require two people for installation.
  2. Adjust the door by slightly loosening the nuts that hold the hinge plate to the door. The hinge plate should only be able to move when pulled. There should be enough pressure from the nuts to create friction between hinge plate and door.
  3. Close the door and align the upper corners with either the cabinet side panels or the door corners of the cabinet ganged next to it. The door can be raised or lowered and canted at a slight angle.
  4. While holding the door in the desired position, open the door and tighten the nuts (one at the top and one at the bottom) on the top hinge plate.
  5. Close the door to check alignment. If necessary, loosen the nuts slightly and adjust the door, then re-tighten the nuts.
  6. When the door is properly aligned, tighten all the nuts holding the hinge plates to the door.