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Appliance for Hadoop
February 2018
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Customers, together with their designated movers, are responsible for physically uncrating and moving the cabinets. The Teradata representatives and the customer must be aware of the following information, and the information must be provided to the movers.

Cabinets are very tall and do not fit into an elevator on a shipping pallet.
The size and weight of the cabinet require that professional movers and riggers deliver the crated units.
To prepare to transport, move, and install a cabinet that is not fully loaded, the account team can estimate the weight using the tools provided in Service Bulletin 502 (SB502).
  • The cabinet is shipped in a crate with a built-in skid under it. This skid has a clearance of 9.5 cm (3.75 in.) for a forklift or pallet jack to move the unit. The increased height of the shipping container may preclude moving the unit without uncrating it.
  • The cabinet is top heavy. Do not push it from the side. Push it from front to back. Never move the cabinet with only one person.
To prevent or minimize condensation on the system's internal and external surfaces, avoid exposure to extreme temperature or humidity changes when moving it from the uncrating area to its destination.