Inspecting the Shipping Container for Damage - Aster Appliances

Aster Appliance 5 Platform Hardware Installation Guide

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February 2018
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  1. Check each container for external damage. If possible, do this while the carrier personnel are present.
    1. Verify shock indicators, if present, are intact.
    2. Look for other signs of external damage.
  2. If damage is detected, follow one of the shipping damage procedures described below:
    • In countries that require shipments to be insured with a local insurer, process the claim locally, and inform Inventory Return Control, Miamisburg, of the damage (address below).
    • In countries that insure shipments with the Insurance Department in Miamisburg, complete Form F-2100 (Notice of Damage) and send to Teradata Risk Management. Also send a copy of this form to Inventory Return Control, Miamisburg. Addresses are:

      • Teradata Risk Management
      • 2835 Miami Village Drive
      • Miamisburg, OH 45342
      • 937- 445-3400

      • Inventory Return Control
      • International Field Engineering Support
      • Teradata Corporation
      • Miamisburg, OH 45342