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Aster Appliance 5 Platform Hardware Installation Guide

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February 2018
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Cable the system cabinets according to the site-specific information and diagrams provided in the staging documents. Do not connect site power at this time. The task of connecting the power subsystem is a joint effort between the Teradata system installation team and the local electrician. Teradata installers will prepare the system to the point of connection to site power. The customer is responsible for connecting the site power to the system. Teradata installers will then commence with the initial system power-up.
  1. Complete the inter-cabinet cabling as outlined in the Open Me First document. For supplemental platform cabinet cabling information, see Cabling.
  2. In systems with InfiniBand switches and cables, spool the excess InfiniBand cables. See Spooling Excess InfiniBand Cables.
  3. Prepare for the site power connection by following these precautions:
    • Review the product caution and warning statements in Servicing Cautions and Warnings.
    • Make sure the cabinet stabilizer feet (stand-alone cabinet only) are installed properly or that multiple cabinets are ganged together.
    • Verify that all communications and power cord connections within the cabinets are secure and connected correctly.
    • Be sure all packing material is removed.
    • Make sure the system is free of condensation and that the on-site destination environment meets the operational requirements specified in the Product and Site Preparation Guide.
  4. Make sure all circuit breakers are off.
  5. Have the customer connect site power to the system.
    Do not apply power to a cabinet if condensation is present. Refer to Performing Environmental Stabilization in the Product and Site Preparation Guide for more information.
  6. Proceed with Performing Initial System Power Up.