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Aster Appliance 5 Platform Hardware Installation Guide

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February 2018
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You must have all steps completed in the Cabling the System procedure before you perform initial system power up.

Use this initial system power up procedure only for new system installations. For a merged or expanded system, refer to the Change Control for specific instructions on power up.
  1. Turn on all AC feeder box circuit breakers and, if present, all InfiniBand cabinet and Platform Framework cabinet AC box circuit breakers. The following chassis automatically power on, if present:
    • VMSs
    • KVM
    • Ethernet switches
    • Fibre Channel switches
    • InfiniBand switches
  2. Wait a minimum of three minutes for server management to establish communication with all chassis in each cabinet. During staging, default IP addresses are assigned.
  3. If the SWS is not already powered on, you can manually press the button on the SWS chassis or use the SWS VM:
    1. Log on to the VMS.
    2. From the VMS command prompt, check the status of the SWS VM:


    3. If it is not running, manually power on the SWS VM:

      xm start vm name

  4. Access Server Management Client:
    Configuration Steps
    Using a virtual SWS:
    1. Log on to the VMS as an SWS user:
      • User name: sws
      • Password: smsws
    2. Log on to the SWS and click SMWeb.
    Using a browser:
    1. Type the following in the Address field of the browser:
      • For SMWeb 12.06 and later, type http://<hostname or IP address of CMIC or Teradata ServiceConnect connection>:9981/CWA/home.asp
      • For SMWeb 12.05 and earlier, type http://<hostname or IP address of SOV-enabled CMIC>:9980/CWA/home.asp
      If you enter an IPV6 address (Server Management Web Services 8.0 and later), it must be surrounded by [square brackets].
    2. On the Server Management Web Services Home page, click Server Management Client.
  5. If prompted, log on to Server Management Client as a Service User.
  6. Power on the node chassis either by pressing the power button on the front panel of each chassis, or by using the Server Management Client Power On command.
  7. Use the Tree View to make sure all chassis are operating normally.
  8. Use the Asset Information and Firmware Version Checker commands to validate hardware and firmware levels.