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Aster Appliance 5 Platform Hardware Installation Guide

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February 2018
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Cable the primary network first, then the secondary network.
  1. Starting at the InfiniBand 36-port switch in the processing nodes cabinet, connect an InfiniBand cable to the InfiniBand 36-port switch.
  2. At the processing nodes cabinet, spool the excess InfiniBand cable around the horizontal cable spool pair on the rear door, leaving enough InfiniBand cable length to reach the node. Spool the first InfiniBand cable on the spool as close to where the spool connects to the bar as possible.

  3. Connect the InfiniBand cable to the processing nodes cabinet.
  4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 for the next InfiniBand cable. Spool the second InfiniBand cable on the spool away from where the spool connects to the bar as possible.
  5. After two InfiniBand cables are routed and connected from the InfiniBand 36-port switch to the processing nodes cabinet, spiral wrap the InfiniBand cables in the cabinet. The spiral wrap is cut to 8-inch lengths and included in an accessory box, or in a box containing the spool kit.
    1. Spiral wrap the cables in the area where cables cross the hinge area of door.
    2. When spiral wrapping the cables, allow for cable breakouts of the incoming InfiniBand cable at the points needed for ease of routing. See the figure below.
      The cables in this figure are routed between cabinets using the cable routing slots in the cabinet sideways. Cables can also be routed in overhead cable trays or underneath floor tiles. Site implementations vary.

  6. Connect and spool the remaining network InfiniBand cables as pairs and add spiral wrap following the previous steps.
  7. Connect and spool the secondary network InfiniBand cables and add spiral wrap following the previous steps.