15.00 - Loading Data into Temporal Tables - Teradata Database

Teradata Database Temporal Table Support

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Loading Data into Temporal Tables

Teradata Database supports two methods of bulk loading data into temporal tables:

  • FastLoad (and applications that support the FastLoad protocol), can perform bulk loads directly into empty temporal tables, if the tables are not column partitioned.
  • Do not use CURRENT INSERT (valid time or transaction time) if the FastLoad script includes a CHECKPOINT specification. Restarts during loading can change the valid time and transaction time values for rows that are inserted after the restart.

    In this case, use NONTEMPORAL INSERT instead, to ensure an exact one-to-one correspondence between the number of rows inserted and the number of rows that results in the target table.

  • Alternatively, Multiload can be used to load data into nontemporal staging tables, followed by the use of INSERT ... SELECT statements to load the data from the staging tables into temporal tables.