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Some privileges cannot or should not be granted to roles, but should instead be granted directly to users.

  • System-level privileges that cannot be granted to a role, as shown in “Granting Database Privileges to User DBADMIN” on page 35.
  • Note: System-level privileges are normally used by administrators and should not be granted to other users.

  • Object-level privileges that apply to too few users to require creation of a role.
  • Note: A user automatically has the privilege to grant most privileges on any database object the user owns to any other user or role. This excludes CREATE and DROP privileges, which are not automatic ownership privileges. The CREATE and DROP privileges must be granted directly to a user, and must include the WITH GRANT OPTION clause, before that user can grant these privileges to others. For information on ownership privileges, see Security Administration.


    You can only grant privileges to users that already exist in the database. For information on creating users, see “Working with Database Users” on page 111.

    The Sys_Calendar database and Calendar view must exist. They are normally created as part of system installation by running the DIPALL script.