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To use FTP services to send crashdumps directly to Teradata for analysis, contact your Teradata Support personnel for more information. You can also access the latest instructions from the knowledge articles through Teradata @ Your Service.

The knowledge articles include the latest file paths and server addresses. For example, there are articles with the following titles:

  • How to Upload Teradata Crashdumps to the TGSC
  • How to load a crashdump that is in DUL format
  • In addition, you may find other crashdumps articles useful. Search for keywords “crashdumps” and “Linux” to access links to crashdump related articles such as:

  • Options For Database Crashdump Analysis
  • Tips and techniques for managing PDE crashdump
  • The knowledge articles on crashdumps are located in the Teradata Database Knowledge Repositories available through Teradata @ Your Service. Sign up for an account at