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The Vproc Manager utility allows you to:

  • View or change vproc states
  • Initialize and boot a specific vproc
  • Initialize the storage associated with a specific vproc
  • Force a manual Teradata Database restart
  • You can start Vproc Manager from the DBW Supervisor window (start vprocmanager) or from the Linux command line (vprocmanager). Valid commands are STATUS, INITVDISK, RESTART, BOOT, SET, HELP, and QUIT.


    Vproc Manager Command



    Provides STATUS information about vprocs.

    INITVDISK <vproc ID>

    Initializes the DBS File System on a vdisk. It applies only to vprocs with a status of NEWPROC or FATAL AMP. Valid vproc IDs are decimals ranging from 0 to 16383. Hex numbers can be used with a trailing “x.”

    RESTART [TPA] [NODUMP | DUMP = {YES, NO}][<RestartKind] [<comment>]

    Forces different types of DBS restarts:

  • NODUMP (the default) indicates no system dump.
  • DUMP = YES indicates a system dump.
  • DUMP = NO is equivalent to NODUMP.
  • ValidRestartKind is either COLD or COLDWAIT.
  • Comment specifies the reason for the restart.
  • BOOT <vproc ID>

    Reinitialize the AMP disk before an all-table rebuild and starts the DBS partitions on the specified AMP. It applies only to vprocs with a VprocState of FATAL and a ConfigStatus of Down.


    Sets the state of a vproc to either ONLINE, OFFLINE, or FATAL.