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Baseline profiles can provide information on typical resource usage by period and by user, on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Building baseline transaction profiles can help you track the effects of software upgrades, introductions of new users or new applications, and help you determine what a “healthy and normal” system should look like.

You can build baseline profiles for:

  • Single operations (such as FastLoad, full table scans, primary index INSERT ... SELECTs, select joins, and so on.)
  • Multiple, concurrently run transactions
  • Once defined and stored, baseline profiles can help you:

  • Compare current to profiled operations on a real-time basis.
  • Collect data instantaneously for a set interval.
  • Detect and resolve throughput anomalies.
  • You can gather performance metrics for profiling from:

  • ResUsage reports. See Resource Usage Macros and Tables.
  • DBQL. See Chapter 15: “Tracking Query Behavior with Database Query Logging: Operational DBAs.”
  • Viewpoint.