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Creating User Roles

1 Start Teradata Administrator and log on as user DBADMIN.

2 On the main screen, click the Preview Mode button to allow future display of generated SQL.

3 Click Tools>Create>Role.

4 In the Roles dialog, use the Role Name field to specify a unique role name. The role name should also provide some indication of the role function or the group of users to which it applies, for instance:

  • FinanceUser_Role
  • Update_Role
  • 5 Click the Create button. The Query Window displays the generated CREATE ROLE statement:

    CREATE ROLE role_name

    6 In the Query Window, click the Run Query button. A Query Complete message appears in the bottom left corner of the main window when the query executes.

    7 Close the Query Window and the Roles dialog box.

    8 Repeat this procedure to create the needed roles.

    9 Log off Teradata Administrator or go on to “Granting Privileges to a Role.”.