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The values for system-wide defaults are distributed across the configuration via the following:

  • If your system is set for Universal hash code, the:
  • DBC.Hosts system table
  • tdlocaledef.txt file
  • Globally Distributed Objects (GDOs), which store global configuration settings that are automatically propagated to all nodes of an MPP system. The system uses several GDOs internally, each storing configuration settings that are specific to different system functions or utilities. For example, there are GDOs to store the settings managed by the DBS Control, Cufconfig, Gtwcontrol, and Control GDO Editor utilities. GDOs are used to store configuration settings for Teradata dynamic workload management software and TASM, and many other Teradata Database functions. Use the gdomview command-line tool from the system console to view a history of the changes made to the GDO. You can access the gdomview online documentation from a system console using the ‘man’ and ‘pdehelp’ commands.