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Using the Update Space Utility

The Update Space utility (updatespace) recalculates the permanent, temporary, or spool space used by either of the following:

  • A single database and its individual tables
  • All databases in a system and their individual tables
  • The Update Space utility accomplishes this by:

  • Examining storage descriptors and adding up space for each table.
  • Setting values in CurrentPermSpace, CurrentTempSpace, or CurrentSpoolSpace in the DBC.DatabaseSpace table for each table and for the containing database as a whole.
  • A different utility, Update DBC (updatedbc), recalculates the maximum allowed values for permanent, temporary, and spool space in the DBC.Dbase and DBC.DatabaseSpace tables.

    The following are the difference between the Update DBC and Update Space utilities:

  • Update DBC recalculates maximum allowed values for permanent, temporary, and spool space.
  • Update Space recalculates current usage for permanent, temporary, and spool space.
  • The only reason to use Update Space is to correct inconsistencies in the DBC.DatabaseSpace table, which might occur as the result of rare types of system failures.

    The format of the command to use with the “Update Space” utility is:

    If the problem is fixed using Update Space, then the problem was phantom spool. If running Update Space does not fix the problem, you have leftover spool and the only way to fix the problem is to restart the system.


    For more details on…


    command syntax for the Update Space utility

    “Update Space (updatespace)” in Utilities.

    the spool space problems

    Knowledge Article SD1000C126E.

    DBC.DatabaseSpace table

    Data Dictionary.

    For assistance with spool space problems, contact Teradata Customer Support.