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Correcting DBC.DataBaseSpace and DBC.DBase Values

As a result of very rare types of system failures, you might need to correct inconsistencies in the system tables DBC.DataBaseSpace and DBC.DBase. Use the Update DBC and Update Space utilities only when you need to perform these tasks.




Update DBC

Recalculates the maximum allowed values for permanent, temporary, and spool space and uses those values to update the DBC.DBase system table and the DBC.DataBaseSpace system table.

Update Space

Examines the storage descriptors and recalculates the current usage of space used by:

  • A single database and its individual tables
  • All databases in a system and their individual tables
  • Note: Values in DBC.DBase are global values. Values in DBC.DataBaseSpace are local AMP values, that is, the global value divided by the number of AMPs in the system.

    For instructions on each utility, see Utilities. For descriptions of the system tables and the views that access them, see Data Dictionary.