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There are several methods for determining the current software release and version.

  • From any console or any client session, you can view the currently running Teradata Database version and release level with the following query:

    Note: You must have the SELECT privilege on the DBC.DBCInfoV view to use this query. Typically, this view grants SELECT access to PUBLIC by default.

    The query returns the version and release level in the following form:

    *** Query completed. 3 rows found. 2 columns returned.
    *** Total elapsed time was 3 seconds.
    InfoKey                        InfoData
    ----------------------------- ---------------------------------------
    RELEASE                        NN.nn.nn.nn
    LANGUAGE SUPPORT MODE          Standard
    VERSION                    NN.nn.nn.nn
    BTEQ -- Enter your DBC/SQL request or BTEQ command:

    Where NN.nn.nn.nn is equal to the number of the current release. For example,

  • You can use the GET VERSION command in Supvr window of Database Window to view the current version of the PDE, DBS, GTW, TCHN, RSG, and TDGSS.
  • For more information on Database Window, see “Database Window (xdbw)” in Utilities.