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Checking for Lock Contentions Blocking ARC Operations

To determine whether an ARC operation is being blocked due to lock contention, check the ARC log. (This log is usually located in the same location as your backup application. However, some application configuration options may have relocated the logs.)

If it is not clear from the ARC logs whether there is a lock contention on an object, do the following:

  • Use the Show Locks (showlocks) utility to check for HUT lock contentions.
  • If the ARC log or the Show Locks output shows that HUT lock contentions exist, use the RELEASE LOCK statement to release the locks. Log on to the ARCMAIN utility, get a session started and submit the following:

    RELEASE LOCK(databasename)ALL, OVERRIDE;

    All databases will display with either no lock found or lock release. Then log off and try to run your job again.

  • Check for other lock contentions (from other queries or applications) using the Lock Display (lokdisp) utility.
  • If Lock Display shows lock contentions, then use the Viewpoint Lock Viewer Portlet to determine the source of the lock.

    For more information on Show Locks (showlocks) or Lock Display (lokdisp), see Utilities.