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Set Up the Teradata Administrator GUI

1 From the principal administrative client, access Teradata Administrator, click Start>Programs>Teradata Administrator.

2 The Please Select a Data Source dialog box appears. Do the following:

a In the left field, highlight the alias name for your system.

b In the Root Database field enter DBC.

c In What to Load, select All Databases and Users and click OK.

3 In the Teradata Database Connect dialog box do the following:

a In the Username field enter DBC.

b In the Password field, enter the user DBC password provided by your Teradata Customer Service representative.

c Do not change other fields. Click OK.

4 Set Preview Mode as the default so that SQL statements generated from using the GUI fields and controls will appear in the Query Window before the statement is executed.

a From the Teradata Administrator menu, click Tools>Options.

b Click the Confirmation tab.

c Check the Preview SQL before submitting check box and click OK.

Note: Setting Preview Mode as the default is optional, but it will help new Teradata Database users to become familiar with Teradata Database SQL statements. You can send generated SQL without previewing it at any time by unchecking the Preview SQL before submitting check box.