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The Target Level Emulation facility permits you to emulate a production environment on a test system by capturing environmental cost parameters, dynamic AMP sample statistics, intermediate IPE feedback of results or statistical data, and Optimizer‑relevant DBS Control information from that environment and storing it in the relational tables SystemFE.Opt_Cost_Table, SystemFE.Opt_RAS_Table, and SystemFE.Opt_DBSCtl_Table.

SystemFE.Opt_XMLPlan_Tbl stores query plans in XML format for use in target‑level emulation.

You can then use the information from these tables together with appropriate column and index statistics to make the Optimizer on the test system generate query plans as if it were operating in the target environment rather than the test environment.

This feature produces a query plan for the emulated target system: it does not emulate the performance of that system.

The SQL DIAGNOSTIC statements that support Target Level Emulation are documented in SQL Data Manipulation LanguageFor additional information about using Target Level Emulation from a client utility GUI interface, see Teradata System Emulation Tool User Guide.