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Checking Performance when Upgrading

When upgrading the Teradata Database software, you should monitor system behavior to make sure the upgrade is producing the expected performance increases.

  • Recollect statistics for the existing configuration if they are not current.
  • Create a baseline test suite.
  • Run the baseline on the system before the upgrade.
  • Save the EXPLAINs for the base queries.
  • Run the test bed again after the upgrade, and get new EXPLAINs.
  • Compare the two EXPLAINS.
  • Check for faster/slower response on any of the test queries. If slower, look at the before and after EXPLAIN.Check the statistics.
  • If stale, recollect.
  • If not, report this as a performance regression problem to Teradata Support immediately.
  • Performing these simple activities, even with a small group of queries (5-10 minimum are recommended), will help validate your performance results and expectations following any sort of important system change.