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You can use Teradata Viewpoint to regularly monitor space usage, and catch most space problems. However, it may be useful to setup a few alerts in areas where space problems can seriously affect database function.

The following table contains some examples of common space usage alerts.



Setup Parameters

Response to Alert Occurrence

Crashdumps Space

The crashdumps database needs enough space to contain possible large data dumps that occur during crashes, and which are used in system recovery.

Alert rules:

  • Only include databases = crashdumps
  • Current Perm Max% > 70
  • Note: The threshold is set low because a crashdump can be very large.

    Alert Action:

  • Email
  • Do not run twice in 5 minutes
  • Severity: Medium

  • Add perm space to the crashdumps database.
  • Purge the crashdumps database of unneeded data and back up needed data to external media.
  • DBC Space

    User DBC contains all system tables and logs. Critical system functions depend on DBC having enough space.

    Note: You can set the same alert parameters for DBCMNGR and SystemFE, which perform other critical system functions.

    Alert rules:

  • Only include databases = DBC
  • Current Perm Max% > 80
  • Note: Use 90% for SystemFE.

    Alert Action:

  • Email
  • Do not run twice in 5 minutes
  • Severity: Medium

    Add perm space to the database.

    Set up three alerts to identify when a database exceeds important space thresholds.

  • All DB 90%
  • All DB 95%
  • All DB 97%
  • Alert rules:

  • All databases
  • Current Perm Max%
  • Alert Action:

  • Email (Pager for critical alerts)
  • Do not run twice in 5 minutes
  • Severity: (apply one of the following to the related alert)

  • Medium (90%)
  • High (95%)
  • Critical (97%)
  • You should allocate additional perm space to a database as soon as possible after perm space usage exceeds 90%.

    Databases that trigger the High or Critical alert levels before you can respond to a Medium alert are growing very fast and should receive more space immediately.

    You can investigate which tables are using database perm space.