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Freeing Space on Cylinders

In addition to MiniCylPack and AutoCylPack, you can use the following to free space on cylinders or to make more cylinders available to the system:

  • FreeSpacePercent (FSP) (see “PACKDISK and FreeSpacePercent” on page 525)
  • PACKDISK (see Utilities)
  • Cylinders to Save for Perm (see “Cylinders Saved for PERM” in Utilities)
  • Temporary space limits on users/profiles.
  • Spool space limits on user profile definitions:
  • Set larger spool space limits.
  • Minimize the number for individual users to limit runaway query spool space.
  • Both of the above will not necessarily stop space management routines such as MiniCylPack from running, but it could help manage the area.

  • Archival and deletion of aged data
  • Planned deletion of obsolete rows facilitates space availability. Depending on the nature of your data, you may want to archive before deleting. For more information, see Teradata Archive/Recovery Utility Reference.

  • Appropriate data compression (see “Data Compression and Performance” on page 527)
  • Additional disk space
  • Appropriate data block sizing:
  • Maximum block size allocation
  • Minimum block size allocation
  • Journal data block size allocation