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Allocating More Space to DBC.Crashdumps Database

To increase the permanent space allocated to DBC.Crashdumps, submit a MODIFY USER statement similar to the following where the amount of PERM space equals the amount you would like to increase DBC.Crashdumps:

modify user crashdumps as PERM = 245000000;
 *** Database/User has been modified.
 *** Total elapsed time was 1 second.

Then submit the following statement to verify the new size and confirm that space was properly allocated:

sel databasename, sum(maxperm) from dbc.allspaceV where databasename = 'crashdumps' group by 1;
 *** Query completed. One row found. 2 columns returned. 
 *** Total elapsed time was 1 second.
DatabaseName                           Sum(MaxPerm)
------------------------------  -------------------
Crashdumps                              245,000,000

Note: If DBC does not have enough space to increase Crashdumps, you need to free up space or add more disks. Crashdumps are saved in compressed format by default.

You can also use the -compress and -nocompress options on the csp command line to override the default setting. To save space, use the -compress option.