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Manually Saving Crashdumps to Another Teradata System

After Teradata restarts following a crashdump, you can save the dump to another Teradata system if it is running the same version of the operating system and Teradata Database. To do this:

1 Copy the contents of the raw dump directory to the other system.

2 Save all dumps CSP finds by using this command:

csp -mode save -force 

3 Verify that the crashdumps were properly saved to DBC.Crashdumps by using the this command:

# csp -mode list -source table
csp: Searching for dumps in Teradata database Crashdumps on the local system
csp: 1 dump found, 1 dump to process
csp: Sel   DumpName               Nodes  Event  Instigator     Status
csp: ---  ----------------------  -----  -----  ------------    ------
csp:  *   Crash_20080807_142628_01   1   10196  16384/2/(21600)