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Archiving and Resetting Accumulators and Peak Values

Tracking peak and count values can help you monitor the health of your system. When you no longer need old data, you should periodically archive and reset accumulated values.

The following table lists some recommended peak values you should consider purging when no longer needed or when archived.


IF you want to reset …

THEN use …

For instructions and examples, see …

peak disk space values in DBC.DatabaseSpace

DBC.ClearPeakDisk macro

“Housekeeping on an Ad-Hoc Basis” on page 202.

accumulators in DBC.Acctg

the ClearAccounting macro

“Clearing Out Values in the DBC.Acctg Table” on page 198.

count values, AccessCount and LastAccessTimeStamp fields, in:

  • DBC.Dbase
  • DBC.TVFields
  • DBC.Indexes
  • one of these macros:

  • ClearAllDatabaseUseCount
  • ClearDatabaseUseCount
  • ClearTVMUseCount
  • “Resetting Use Counts” on page 235.