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The PDE first writes the data in a raw PDE dump and this information is saved (or can be saved) into a Teradata table in the DBC.Crashdumps database.

Because a raw PDE dump is written in “dump” format and a crashdump is saved in “table” format, they are both compatible with Teradata's standard crashdump management and analysis tools.

The CSP SAVE dump command requires two options: “source” and “target.”The default format for -source is “dump” (which is the PDE dump directory) and the default -target is “table” (the DBC.Crashdumps database). There are other formats (such as dbm or flatfile) that can be specified, but these formats are for special purposes and should not be used.

For more information, see the CSP pdehelp. See “Manually Saving Teradata Crashdumps” on page 564 for examples of the SAVE command.