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Using Memory Effectively

Regardless of the amount of available memory on your system, you need to use it effectively. To determine if your system is using memory effectively:

1 Start with a value for FSG Cache percent. See “Managing FSG Cache” on page 538.

2 Adjust the value based on available free memory requirements. See “Reserving Additional Free Memory for Applications” on page 534 and “Managing Free Memory” on page 536.

3 Consider adjusting other memory-related settings to optimize database function.

  • AggrCacheSize
  • DBSCacheThr
  • DictionaryCacheSize
  • HTMemAlloc
  • IdCol Batch Size
  • PPICasheThrP
  • RedistBufSize
  • SyncScanCacheThr
  • For information on how to adjust DBS Control memory settings, see Utilities.