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Recommended Archive Tasks

Requirements for how often and when to archive data tables vary from site to site. For tables that change on a regular basis, the best practice is to archive data once a week. The following section provides suggestions for archiving on a daily and weekly basis.

Daily Archive Tasks

If you have permanent journals, perform the following procedure on a daily basis:

1 Submit a CHECKPOINT WITH SAVE statement for each journal table. This appends any changes stored in the active journal subtable to the saved journal table, and initiates a new active journal subtable.

2 Archive each saved journal.

3 Delete the saved journal subtable from the saved journal.

Weekly Archive Tasks

Teradata recommends that you submit an all-AMPs ARCHIVE of all data tables (or selected partitions of a PPI table) that change often, at least on a weekly basis. However, you may need to adjust how often you perform routine archiving based on the amount of data and based on how often your data changes.