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Determining Workload Management Needs

Before defining TASM workload management parameters, you should evaluate how your database is used. The objective is to identify job handling and query limitation needs that cannot be met by performance group assignments and scheduling.

  • Monitor database activity using the Teradata Viewpoint Capacity Heatmap portlet to understand overall workload concurrency and possible resource contention. For information on the Capacity Heatmap portlet, see Teradata Viewpoint User Guide.
  • Use the Teradata Viewpoint Query Monitor and Lock Viewer portlets to study resource contention at various times of day, and to understand blocking and wait time patterns.
  • Optionally, use the database query logging (DBQL) logging feature to determine query performance details. For information on tracking processing behavior with DBQL, see “BEGIN/REPLACE/END QUERY LOGGING Statements” on page 266.
  • Optionally, monitor the ResUsageSPS table to determine resource usage by performance group. For information on the ResUsageSPS table, see Data Dictionary.