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Before setting up Viewpoint alerts, make sure you have:

  • Installed a Teradata Viewpoint server and connected it to your system.
  • Enabled the RSS data collection system on your Teradata system.
  • Created the Teradata Viewpoint server logon user (viewpoint) in the database and given it the privileges necessary to logon and execute database monitoring and management functions.
  • Configured at least one administrative user to access and administer Teradata Viewpoint and enabled the Viewpoint data collectors.
  • See the Teradata Viewpoint Configuration Guide for instructions.

    You can configure Teradata Viewpoint to perform alert actions when the database achieves or exceeds certain defined thresholds. You can specify the following alert actions individually or in any combination:

  • Write a message to the alert log
  • Send an email message to a specified address
  • Communicate the alert to a specified third-party application
  • Run a specified BTEQ script or other program
  • Each alert action set has a unique name and is triggered according to the rules for any alert that specifies the action set name.