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Under normal circumstances, Teradata support personnel handle crashdumps directly using the TVI.

Each system at your site must be registered with its own site ID so that Teradata will have all the proper information on the configuration of each specific system on your site.

If you have created and registered a site ID for each system at your site, you should have TVI software already installed so that it can begin monitoring your Teradata Database. When a 3610 error or an 033-12123-00 error occurs, this triggers an incident to become created. (You can log on through Teradata @ Your Service to open incidents as well.)

  • A 3610 error indicates an internal error produced by a request sent to Teradata Database which has caused a snapshot dump and aborts the given request. This is done instead of restarting the system.
  • A 033-12123-00 message represents a task snapshot dump and an event is logged when a program requests a snapshot dump on itself.
  • TVI, through the TVI Manager and Auto Incident Create (AIC) server, will automatically notify support personnel from Teradata Customer Support (TDCS). The customer support personnel will try to troubleshoot the problem to determine the root cause or may work with field engineers if there is a hardware problem. They will engage your local site team and may also escalate the incident to Teradata developers, if necessary.

    Every customer site team is different: some local site teams may start collecting crashdumps and have them already ready in the event that your Teradata Customer Support personnel asks for the crashdump to be sent in to Teradata. Other site teams will wait until instructed by the Teradata Customer Support to send the crashdump information.

    If there are multiple users on the system at once and you are not sure who caused it or where the bad request or error came from, the customer support personnel may need to extract the problem SQL from the crashdump and ask you to run TSET on that SQL and send in the TSET pack file to continue the investigation.