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In rare cases when a request completes (or is aborted), the spool file is not dropped. The leftover spool may be:

  • Orphan: The spool file (tableid) incorrectly remains in existence.
  • Phantom: The spool file tableid is gone, but the spool space is still allocated.
  • Execute the following query to determine the presence of leftover spool of either type:

    SELECT Databasename, Vproc, CurrentSpool
    FROM DBC.Diskspace
    WHERE Databasename NOT IN (SELECT Username FROM DBC.SessionInfo)
    AND CurrentSpool > 0
    ORDER BY 1,2
    WITH SUM (CurrentSpool);

    If this request returns rows, the next step is to run the Update Space (updatespace) utility.

    The Update Space utility can also be used to correct inconsistencies in the DBC.DatabaseSpace table, which might occur because of unusual types of system failures.

    From the Supervisor window issue: