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Granting User Membership in a Role

After creating database users, grant them membership in one or more roles to provide the required database access privileges.

1 Start Teradata Administrator and log on as user DBADMIN.

2 On the main screen, click the Preview Mode button to allow future display of generated SQL.

3 Click Tools>Create>Role.

4 In the Roles dialog, select a role from the Role Name drop-down menu.

5 Click the Users tab.

6 Select all users that will be members of the selected role, and click Add.

7 The Query Window will display a GRANT statement similar to:

Grant "Role_1" To "GenUser1";

8 In the Query Window, click the Run Query button . A Query Complete message appears in the bottom left corner of the main window when the query executes.

9 Close the Query Window and the Roles dialog box.

10 Repeat this procedure for each role to which a user requires membership.

11 Log off Teradata Administrator or go to “Defining the Default Role for a User.”

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