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Commands for Forcing a Teradata Crashdump

You can restart Teradata Database without causing a reboot using one of the following methods (also see “Forced Teradata Crashdumps” on page 561):

  • In DBW, open the Supervisor window icon and enter the following command:
  • restart tpa dump=yes comment

    where comment is text explaining why there is going to be a restart.

    The system performs a Teradata crashdump and a cold or coldwait restart. (For details, see “RESTART” under “Vproc Manager (vprocmanager)” in Utilities.)

  • You can access the Teradata Command Prompt window and enter the tpareset command:
  • tpareset -d comment

    The tpareset command has basically the same effect as the restart command in DBW.

    The -d option forces a Teradata crashdump.

    The system performs a cold restart and a Teradata crashdump.

    Whichever command you choose to execute, the system prompts you for a confirmation.