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Creating Alerts

A Teradata Viewpoint alert is based on:

  • A threshold specified for a monitoring parameter, for example, when a database exceeds 95% space usage.
  • The time period during which the parameter must be over threshold to invoke the alert.
  • The name of an Action Set, for example, the alert notification, which defines who should receive the alert, and how the message is delivered.
  • A message that the system delivers to the list of users defined in the Action Set, if the threshold and time criteria are met.
  • To configure a sample alert:

    1 From the Teradata Viewpoint main portal, select Admin>Teradata Systems.

    2 From the Setup menu, select Alerts, and then configure an alert, for example, a System Health alert that sends a message if the system is down, similar to the following example.

    Note: The Alert Action name “General Alert” is created using Setting Up Alert Actions.

    3 Check the Enabled box and click Apply.

    Note: See Teradata Viewpoint User Guide for details and options.