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TSET File Pack and the DBC.TSETQueryText Table

The TSET pack file is a set of Teradata Customer Support files that can help in troubleshooting a crash. These files are intended for Teradata support personnel so you do not need to create or manage these files.

Part of the TSET file pack includes information that comes from the DBC.TSETQueryText table. This table is a globally available system table created during sysinit. If a 3610 error occurs in the Parser, the system will attempt to log a row into this table. However, depending on the severity of the 3610 error, the system may not be able to populate the TSETQueryText table.

While the information from DBC.TSETQueryText does not directly populate the crashdumps database, the contents of the table can be used to generate TSET information by Teradata support personnel for crash resolution. The DBC.TSETQueryText table captures problematic queries on the system that result in a 3610 error.

After the problematic query is captured, TVI provides Teradata and the DBA with a command to generate and retrieve the necessary TSET information based on the contents of the DBC.TSETQueryText table. This allows Teradata support analysts to reproduce the query immediately on a test system and saves time of waiting for a crashdump to finish saving as well as the time it takes to send (FTP) the crashdump to Teradata Customer Support.

Note: As an alternative method to the TSET Perl scripts for extracting TSET information based on the DBC.TSETQueryText table, Teradata support personnel can use the external stored procedure named ExportTSET. However, the TSET information produced by the external stored procedure is in the form of BTEQ scripts and is currently not compatible with the TSET GUI client.