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FastExport quickly exports data from a Teradata Database system to the client platform. This utility can format and export very large amounts of data very quickly. The maximum number of FastExport jobs you can run is 60. The default is 5. You can also change the maximum number of jobs allowed by defining throttle rules through the Teradata Viewpoint Workload Designer portlet. (See “Maximum Number of Concurrent FastLoad, MultiLoad, and FastExport Jobs” on page 141 for more information.)

To improve performance:

  • Do not use too many sessions.
  • Avoid using any option that causes the evaluation of individual fields within a layout, including NULLIF clauses and APPLY WHERE conditions.
  • The following restrictions and limitations apply:

  • Exponential operators
  • Concatenated fields
  • Hexadecimal forms
  • For more information, see Teradata FastExport Reference.