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Configuring User Dashboards

You can create custom dashboard pages, and then use the Add Content function to populate each page with a set of related portlets from among those available to the user.

The primary dashboard should contain the most important portlets for live monitoring of database activity, for example:

  • System Health (all)
  • My Queries (users) or Query Monitor (administrators and programmers)
  • 1 or 2 other optional portlets, depending on the type of user
  • You can create additional dashboards to contain other portlets.

    Note: You may need to limit the number of portlets per dashboard page. Displaying too many Teradata Viewpoint portlets on one dashboard may make it hard to find needed data, and for some browsers, may slow portlet loading and response times.

    For details about configuring dashboards and portlets, see Teradata Viewpoint User Guide.