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Each user logon to the database should specify a user account string.

Accounts are used by the database to:

  • Assign priority to individual sessions to manage the workload
  • Monitor resource usage
  • Charge for space or resources used
  • Teradata recommends that you specify at least one user account for each user. Users with similar responsibilities and resource requirements should be assigned to the same account(s) to reduce the overall number of accounts you must maintain.

    You can specify accounts in:

  • A CREATE PROFILE or MODIFY PROFILE statement for the profile specified in the user definition (preferred).
  • A CREATE USER or MODIFY USER statement.
  • Note: If a user is a member of a profile that specifies one or more accounts, the profile account assignments supersede and invalidate any accounts specified in the user definition.

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    specifying the account string at logon

  • Security Administration
  • The logon section in the User Guide for each Teradata tool or utility.