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Deleting Old Log Data with Teradata Viewpoint

Configure log data cleanup as follows:

1 From the Teradata Viewpoint main screen, select Admin>Teradata System.

2 To configure specific logs for clean up, and specify the cleanup interval:

a In the SETUP column, select Log Table Clean Up.

b In the TABLES column, select a log table category for cleanup, for example, DBQ Log.

c Use default cleanup interval shown unless you have reason to change it.

Note: Coordinate the interval with your site requirements for storing log history.

d Check the Enabled box.

e Click the Apply button to activate the cleanup

3 To specify the time of day that all configured cleanup takes place:

a From the SETUP column, select Clean Up Schedule.

b Specify a time when the log tables are not active.

Note: The clean up operation locks the log table and delays logging in the table until log data deletion is complete.

c Check the Enabled box.

d Click the Apply button to set the cleanup schedule.