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Before a user can activate any of the ASE functions, there must be a matching account string in the DBC.UsersV view for that user and ASE function. This means that the user cannot simply add the ASE variables to any logon account string unless first authorized by the DBA. This permits a level of control over users and programmers who may or may not use ASE properly.

For example, to create a user that can use ASE, define the variables in his user account string or to the profiles which he will use.

The DBA or any user with CREATE USER privileges can define the following:

CREATE USER john FROM finance AS PERM = 100000, ACCOUNT = '&H1&MSIR&S&D&H', '$M2$SMIB&S&D&H';

While the recommended ASE variable combination is &S&D&H, others include time (&T) and the time of log on (&L), or a combination thereof. For more information on the different variables, see “About the ASE Substitution Variables” on page 162.