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In Teradata mode, transactions can be either implicit or explicit.

A request that is not enclosed by the BEGIN TRANSACTION and END TRANSACTION statements is treated as an implicit transaction.

An implicit transaction can be one of the following:

  • A single DML statement
  • A macro or trigger
  • A multistatement request
  • DDL statements are not valid in a multistatement request and are therefore not valid in an implicit transaction composed of a multistatement request.

    Explicit transactions contain one or more statements enclosed by BEGIN TRANSACTION and END TRANSACTION statements. The first BEGIN TRANSACTION initiates a transaction and the last END TRANSACTION terminates the transaction. Explicit transactions can contain multistatement requests.

    When multiple statements are included in an explicit transaction, you can specify only a DDL statement if it is the last statement, and is immediately followed by END TRANSACTION.

    If an error occurs, the request fails, the entire transaction is aborted and all locks are released.

    Sessions in Teradata mode do not support the COMMIT statement. The END TRANSACTION statement terminates a transaction with commit, while the ABORT and ROLLBACK statements terminate a transaction with a rollback.